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Honda Shadow Reviews:

1997 Honda Shadow VLX Review:

The 1997 Honda Shadow VLX 600cc motorcycle is a great beginner motorcycle. It is extremely easy to ride, easy to find shifting points, and very fun to ride. This bike is great for the shorter rider, as the bike sits quite low to the ground. However, I am 5’11” and 200LBS and had no problem riding this motorcycle. Besides being fun and easy to ride, this bike looks and sounds great! I was constantly getting looks and thumbs up while riding my shadow.

This bike is not the fastest thing in the world, but for the beginner rider, it’s exactly what you’re looking for. The Shadow VLX has decent pickup, and can reach 60-70MPH with no problem. Beware though, the gas tank is not large, and can only run for about 100 miles without getting stranded on the side of the road. My particular VLX had a windshield, which was great for wind block.

Safety features for the VLX include great braking ability and excellent handling, the two most important elements for avoiding an accident.
If you can't stop quickly enough, you'll more than likely want to swerve to avoid an accident.

A large plus with the Shadow VLX is its great gas mileage. My bike averaged between 50-60 MPG. With todays ever rising gas prices, 50-60 MPG looks pretty darn good!

Overall, I was quite impressed with the Honda Shadow VLX. I learned how to ride on this bike, so I will forever have ties to it, and will recommend that all beginner riders buy this bike! I also recommend that beginner riders take a motorcycle safety course, usually sponsored by your local community college (that means it's free!). Good luck on your quest to find the perfect motorcycle.

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